Vol 79, No 4 (2023)

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Includes special collections:

  • Scholarly Voices
  • Africa Platform for NT Scholars, sub-edited by Ernest van Eck
  • The contextual reading of the New Testament in the socio-political landscape in Zimbabwe, sub-edited Tobias Marevesa
  • Challenging Building Blocks, sub-edited by Chris Jones and Jurie van den Heever
  • Orality Studies among South African Indians, sub-edited by Kogie Archary
  • Zimbabwean Scholars in Dialogue, sub-edited by Conrad Chibango
  • Myths and Philosophy, sub-edited by Zhenling Liu, Qi Liang and Xiaojun Xiang
  • Reception of Biblical Discourse in Africa, sub-edited by Itumeleng Mothoagae
  • Patristic and Cross-Cultural Religious Philosophy, sub-edited by Ishraq Ali
  • Culture and Psychology Education, sub-edited by Mahdi Esmaeilzadeh, Aghel Ali, Mohammad E. Hokmabadi