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Original Research

‘Ostrich is a Fowl for any Matter’: The ostrich as a ‘strange’ fowl in Jewish literature  
Abraham O. Shemesh
28 June 2018

Original Research - Practical Theology

Tribalism: Thorny issue towards reconciliation in South Africa – A practical theological appraisal  
Elijah M. Baloyi
28 June 2018

Original Research

The Matthean Jesus’ surprising instruction to obey the teachers of the Law and Pharisees  
Francois P. Viljoen
28 June 2018

Original Research

Models and perspectives concerning the identity of Jesus as healer  
Zorodzai Dube
26 June 2018

Original Research - Special Collection: Ignatius van Wyk Dedication

Four different views of scientific knowledge and the birth of modern relativism: The very important challenge facing reformed churches in a Western world  
Nicolaas J. Gronum
25 June 2018