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Original Research - Special Collection: The Church in Need of Change (Agency)

The Great Emergence: An exposition  
Erna Oliver
18 July 2019

Original Research - Special Collection: Eben Scheffler Festschrift

Binding and loosing on earth: Evaluating the strategy for church disciplinary procedures proposed in Matthew 18:15-18 through the lenses of thinking and feeling  
Leslie J. Francis, Susan H. Jones, Keith Hebden
17 July 2019

Original Research - Special Collection: God as One

South African discourse on the Triune God: Some reflections  
Ernst M. Conradie
17 July 2019

Original Research

Embodied ancestors: Religious objects, moral actions and well-being in the Cameroon Western Grassfields  
Mathias F. Alubafi, Chammah J. Kaunda
10 July 2019

Original Research

ἐλθέτω ἡ βασιλεία σου: Interpreting the Lord’s Prayer (Mt 6:10a) in the light of Ewe-Ghanaian eschatological vision  
Ernest van Eck, Daniel Sakitey
09 July 2019