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Original Research - Special Collection: Africa Platform for NT Scholars

Understanding persecution in Matthew 10:16-23 and its implication in the Nigerian church  
Prince E. Peters
02 July 2020

Original Research

A missional reflection on the challenges of getting married faced by the poor: A case study from Soshanguve  
Kasebwe T.L. Kabongo
29 June 2020

Original Research - Special Collection: Ethics education and social justice

Contextualising religious education – Different understandings of teaching in Sami confirmation courses  
Johan Runemark Brydsten
25 June 2020

Original Research - Special Collection: Theology and Nature

Ecodomy as education in tertiary institutions. Teaching theology and religion in a globalised world: African perspectives  
Johan Buitendag, Corneliu C. Simuț
23 June 2020

Original Research

‘Suspected killer’: Tamar’s plight (Gn 38) as a lens for illuminating women’s vulnerability in the legal codes of Shona and Israelite societies  
Canisius Mwandayi, Sophia Chirongoma
23 June 2020